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We can complete your Designer Cabin with the quality appliances it deserves.

With Fisher & Paykel being one of the leading brands in whiteware, we have decided to introduce their latest and up to date products as part of our package deal.

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Many people simply do not have the time or the expertise to deal with their local council, which includes preparing and submitting building consents, application forms and many other processes that have to be completed before their new building even gets underway.

One of the advantages of building with Designer Cabins is that we offer a complete service where we, as your Agent, will do all of this compulsory paperwork on your behalf.

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Project Management

Our standard building cost does not include plumbing, drainage or electrical connections to your site or putting in the necessary groundwork, but we liaise and coordinate directly with the necessary contractors on your behalf as part of our project management service.

Designer Cabins offers a Project Management Service at a reasonable cost where the management of the entire building project is managed on your behalf.

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“Providing Quality and Finesse”

These are the words we stand by when building your new cabin.



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