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About Us

There are people who want quality and craftsmanship. Then there are those who are happy with just a simple kit design. We cater for the first group. 15 years of solid boat building has taught me to be creative and think outside the box, and only a perfect finish will do.
– Trent Hodgson, Founder/Owner

We have come up with something unique;  something that sets itself apart from the rest, even the best.

Designer Cabins was started in January 2013 with the determination to create  something stylish and elegant which at that time was missing from the market..
We have come up with a stunning design which is aesthetically pleasing and stays true to what is intrinsically ‘Kiwi’ so that it is suitable for any property or site.
With the positive response we’ve had to our 6mtr display model, it is clear that we have succeeded in our quest to be the best.

Why you should consider us:

♦  We are a family owned business with a variety of skills within the sector of building, business and design
♦  Our dedication to quality can be seen in our workmanship
♦  Our display model
 can be viewed at our site
We are able to deliver anywhere in New Zealand
♦  We are also happy to discuss building on your site



“Providing Quality and Finesse”

These are the words we stand by when building your new cabin.



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